Test detailed list

  • Paper products Test

    Paper packaging is always the most basic unit in our product packaging, the paper account for about 40% of all packaging materials, and this proportion is growing. As the production process and other reasons, the quality of two similar paper products often very different, whether the paper packaging materials you used are comply with the relevant standards of quality requirements?...[More]

  • Corrugated

    currently under construction......[More]

  • Paper Paperboard

    Paper and cardboard can be divided into many types according to purpose: processing raw paper, wrapping paper, writing paper, printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, household paper, etc.. ...[More]

  • Edge-board

    currently under construction......[More]

  • Paper Tube

    Paper tube is divided into chemical industry tube, foam industry tube, printing industry tubes, paper industry tubes. ...[More]

  • Honeycomb board

    currently under construction......[More]

  • Plastic film

    From the applications, the most widely used is the packaging industry, whose consumption accounts for about 2 / 3, used in food packaging, electronics packaging, commodity packaging, garment packaging and so on....[More]

  • Banding Test

    Banding, is also called packing and gastric banding, is a important part of unitized packaging, is divided into manual pack belt and machine packaging tapes, its materials are mainly be of PP and PET. ...[More]

  • Cushioning Mterial

    Cushion material contact with the end product directly, its performance directly affects the protection ability of the packaging....[More]

  • Pressure-sensitive

    Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is made of a pressure-sensitive adhesive, substrate, bottom gum and the back treatment agent. ...[More]

  • Pallet Test

    There are some trade issue result from the package’s over-turn, is partially result from the quality of the pallet, so the standard for pallet is very important for the supplier and the buyer....[More]