Test detailed list

  • Vibration test

    This test is simulatedsimulating vibration during transported, installated and operating, it can help us to determinationconfirm of the ability of of product to endure and encountered various vibration effects....[More]

  • Mechanics Shock

    The life period of Productsconsumed products in the life cycle is usually underwent shock in two ways, One byresulted from transport road bumps/loose cargothe bumps with the ground and jump on the bumpy road when transported or carried by somebody or careless handling of the falling ground.......[More]

  • Drop Test

    This test is used to simulate the unpackeding / packedaging product meeting shock during the transport or operating for, investigatinged ability of product against accidental shocks......[More]

  • V& T&H Test

    Combined test is a combined environmental stress test ofincluding temperature, humidity and vibration.....[More]

  • Bump Test

    Bump test iswas used to assess the bore strength of the transportmultiple and repeated mechanical impacts, and the protection ability for inner product during transportation of transported package......[More]

  • T&H Test

    Temperature and humidity are two inseparable natural factors in the natural environment. Because of different geographic locations, occurs different climate......[More]

  • Salt Spray Test

    The test is simulating salt spray environment to check the corrosion resistance of coated metal or nonmetal materials. ...[More]


    (Highly Accelerated Life Test)is a method to find out the product’s defect, it can expose the defect of tested sample through accelerating environmental stress bring stress on the product and gradually increase the stress to find the defect of product......[More]

  • Low-temp Test

    The test is to confirm the adaptability of product during stacking, transporting or using procedures with low temperature. The strict level for the test is determined by low temperature and exposure duration......[More]

  • Thermal Shock Test

    This test is to confirm the adaptability of products when stored, transported or used at rapid temperature change. Strict level for test is determined by the how high/low the temperature is, dwell time and number of cycles... ...[More]

  • T&L Test

    This test is to confirm the adaptability of products when stored, transported or used at high/low temperature and low air pressure......[More]

  • Rain Test

    Internationally,Whether IEC, MIL, ETSI, andor SAE not, they all have maked relative requests of rain test requests for portable products, outdoor products and auto electron products......[More]

  • Ultraviolet Weather Resistance Test

    we can select different wavelengths of UV lamp, while the condensation and water spray system can reproduce the effects of rain and dew condensation....[More]

  • Xenon-lamp Weather Resistance Test

    Xenon-lamp Weather Resistance Test is also called Solar Radiation Test. It’s an environment test by simulating the conditions of Earth's surface solar radiation to evaluate the adaptability of the product which is exposed to that radiation conditions. The xenon arc lamp, of all radiation light sources, its output spectrum is the nearest to the natural sunlight. ...[More]